Driven by Apps

Compared to some folks (read, my adult children, that’s how I measure everything) I don’t have many apps on my devices. But I have become dependent on several. In a good way. The first was my Fitness Pal app, which tracks my nutrients and exercise and gives me an estimate of where I need to improve (too many sugars!). The newest app I had to pay for, but thus far it is well worth the yearly fee. This is a meditation app (Insight Timer) which gives access to courses, guided meditations, music and more. I started with once a day, but now find myself liking it so much I listen twice, or even three times a day.

So far the courses I have listened to include “30 Days to a Happier More Fulfilled You”, “30 Day Journey to Rebirth”, “Learning to Still Your Overactive Mind”, “Ten Days to Deeper Meditation”, “Coming Home to Yourself” and “Overcome Obsessive Thinking”. I have learned how to breathe and visualize and relax. I have learned how to take these things into my daily life and use them as needed.

This isn’t the first time I have tried meditation. I have CD’s I have listened to, with little success. I was never able to calm my mind or focus for more than three seconds. But I have been taking part in meditative dance for the past three years and that has helped me learn to let my mind take a vacation, diving deep into my body without thinking. For whatever reason I am now more successful at clearing my mind and I like it.

The other apps include Zoom (for online therapy, conferences, and even music lessons), Overdrive (for checking out ebooks and audio books, although the SF library recently switched to Libby, so now I have that one too, Voice Memos, for recording writing ideas as I drive, NASA, so I can track the latest adventures of Victor and Tanya, Medibridge to track my Physical Therapy exercises and SQUARE to accept payment for book sales.

Oh, and of course a bunch of games.

What are your favorite apps?