That Dream Again

rock scultpure one yvonneI come from a family that remembers dreams. From the time I was very young we talked about our dreams. Not analyzing, but story telling.

Last night I had the shopping mall dream again. I don’t remember when I first had it. But it seems to have been a part of my mental repetoire forever. In the dream I am always looking for something in a huge, complicated shopping mall. There are stairways and escalators, usually either down or up only, no twin sets of moving stairs, so that once you go down, you are stuck trying to find your way back up. Sometimes in the dream I never make it out of the parking structure, either because I can’t find a spot or the spiraling ramps never lead where I want to go.

Last night I drove into a normal looking Safeway. Grabbed a cart and entered the store. Only to find that familiar landscape of confusing halls, doors, crowds and no groceries.

Now that I’m older (okay, and worked as a therapist most of my adult life) I like to analyze the dreams. I have taken classes, workshops, and even attended a dream group for a time.

There are several schools of thoughts on dream analysis. One is very prescriptive. If you dream about a road, it means you are troubled about a move forward, if you dream you are losing your teeth you are troubled about moving from one stage of life to the next.

I have never really been fond of such a “set in stone” method of dream interpretation. I am much more Freudian. Or something else. I don’t know. Anyway, I think the only way to understand your dream is to free associate once you wake up and think about a dream. But do it quick. Or write down the dream. Because dreams are so slippery, falling from you grasp as if you are trying to hold water in cupped palms.

So why did I dream about my confusing shopping mall last night? I’m not sure. Maybe it is because after two weeks of focus and energy, yesterday was a sluggish day. I was angry and confused, possibly due to the fact that I made an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon knowing that I truly don’t want knee surgery. Or maybe I just ran out of motivation to sand door frames or work in the yard. Finding the meaning to those reoccurring dreams isn’t always easy.

Maybe I just need to sleep on it?

What about you? Do you remember your dreams? Do you have a method of deciding what they mean?


  1. Trinney Esquibel Barela says:

    Interesting…..not sure why all of a sudden I am on a dream kick… Last nite I had this wild dream about a HUGE swimming pool.. Apparently my 2 nephews had swimming pools and somehow they managed to connect both of them and it made a huge pool. I saw myself swimming in it, it was a beautiful pool, clear water and i had a ball. Interrupted by this very troubling MOVE!! The room was cluttered with furniture that I c ouldnt part with, and mounds of STUFF that needed to go but not mine to dispose of and lots of conflicts around this mess…… What does this mean??? Not sure but I tried to go back to the pool and that darn’d move got in the way……. Dont know what gives. I know dreaming about water is NOT good, especially if its muddy water, in this case it was very clear and I did manage to get in t he pool………. hmmmmm wonder what will be the outcome!!!

  2. If this were my dream, I’d think that I was looking for something, whether literally or figuratively. Am I looking for guidance, a goal, a way to get somewhere, a task that needs doing but I don’t know how to do it? Maybe I don’t even know that it is there to be done.

    Just my 2 cents. I enjoyed how you presented this. Nice work, kiddo. Keep dreaming and perhaps it will be resolved. Or else, you get to liking looking for something in a maze.


  3. Trinney Esquibel Barela says:

    Robin you are such an interesting so very real and down to earth person. I love listening to you and reading your thoughts. Alot of what you say is so surreal to me. I find myself wondering sometimes why or better yet where is this leading to. I have very peculiar dreams, some of which leave me perplexed at best, yet somehow I manage to make some sense sometimes out of them. Sometimes like lately, last week or so, I have been very restless, dream alot but cant remember really what, just seems to be the same far away endless journey. I dont know what is troubling me, but something is up and usually I can figure it out but this time like you, I cant seem to put in in perspective or figure out what gives. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we are caring or responsible for my husbands 2 elderly aunties, and quite frankly I am just about at my spill over status. I have been caring for, responsible for, looking out for, and working with Elderly all my life and Frankly I am so done!!! but life goes on and I know I need to put one foot in front of the other and continue this journey till HE says its over, I try hard not to question God but honestly its getting harder each day!! SO yes Robin you are r ight, maybe I need to sleep on it too. ( If I can get to sleep that is) I am awake alot, walk around with what seems to be a blank mind and very troubled heart,WHY I dont know,……..

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