Day of the Not-So-Dead and other Morbid Little Holiday Tales

Definition of Morbid: Interest in the bizarre, unhealthy preoccupation with death and disease or disturbing subjects.

New Definition of Morbid: The thoughts we harbor and never act on that make us depressed, fall into debt, abuse substances, drink, lie and cheat.

Robin Martinez Rice gives life to the definition: not in the direction of blood spatter (although there are a few guns in these stories) or the paranormal (there is a ghost or two) or even death(plenty of that in these tales) but into the choices we make as humans and the secret morbid desires we all feel. While most of us suppress these emotions, never acting on our horrifying thoughts, the characters in these tales are not so constrained.

Meet Maria Consuela Rodriques y Dominguez. She is tired of looking through boxes of old photographs. But the tradition of the altar is important to her and she wants to honor not only her mother, Granny and PopPop, but her father. So what if she doesn’t remember him. Doesn’t his soul deserve a day of fun?

There’s Slade and Dorothy. Will an antique Russian samovar help them dig their way out of the black hole of debt into which they have slid?

Madam S. will seduce you. Be wary of her charms.

Join Kimberly in her search for the thief who stole her favorite coat.

But whatever you do, don’t drink Manuel’s coffee.


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