Colonoscopy cures Jet Lag

Many years ago a friend of mine who travels extensively introduced me to “The Jet Lag Diet” by Ehret and Scanlon. A simple little book, with a plan developed for use at the Argonne National Laboratory, I’m pretty sure for rapid military deployment forces. They wanted those soldiers to be able to hit the ground running. The diet is a combination of fasting and feasting, protein timing and carbohydrate timing and when you avoid caffeine, as well as when you tank up.

It works. I’ve used it every time but once when I traveled overseas, and that one time the adjustment was five times as hard. The trouble is, I always think I don’t need to use it when I come home. I have lots of excuses: it’s too hard to do the four days required when on vacation, cuts into my pleasure, I can sleep it off when I get home because I’m retired…yada yada yada.

For my recent trip to India I did use the diet before I went. The hardest part was on the airplane when I had to stick to a plan of eating, sleeping and being awake which was NOT the plan the airlines had in mind. So, I had to stash or ignore meals as served, keep my light on and read or watch movies when everything was dimmed and all were sleeping, and walk around a lot. But my arrival in India went fairly smoothly. The first day I awoke at 7:00am, good. I was dragging by afternoon and had no appetite, AND had to fight to stay up until 8:00pm, but overall it wasn’t severe. The next day was sightseeing and I did okay.

HOWEVER, I once again didn’t abide by good sense and failed to do the plan for my trip home. For some reason flying east proves to be a much harder adjustment for most people, and I definitely wasn’t the exception. Five days later I was still walking around in a fog, waking up and sewing or cleaning at 3:00am and feeling tired all the time. I hadn’t really slept more than two hours, day or night. So it was that terrible “tired, but can’t sleep” state.

On day seven I had to complete the dreaded colonoscopy prep. For those who have endured this experience, you know what I’m talking about. For those that haven’t, count yourself blessed. The 64 ounces of vile tasting purge fluid is nasty. PLUS, you have to get up very early the day of the procedure to finish the prep (this wasn’t much of a problem as I STILL wasn’t sleeping.)

Anyway, now to the great part of the story! The Versed/Fentanyl cocktail is wonderful. I came home and fell asleep. Deep, deep sleep. (The nurses had warned me to be sure to use my APAP machine!)….six hours later I awoke.

CURED OF MY JET LAG! My mind was clear, I had energy, and, best of all, I was able to go to bed a short time later and sleep through the night.

Trouble is I really don’t want to schedule a colonoscopy after every trip.

P.S. The tests were fine!