Change of Plans

It has always been difficult for me to change plans. I start each day, each week, even each month with a visual list in my head of how things will go. On my current road trip things have not gone according to plan.

I left home a week ago to travel to Colorado to stay with a friend for two weeks. I allowed five days to travel, transformed my Honda CRV to its sleeping mode and planned out the circuitous route with stops at campgrounds along the way. Ruby Mountains, Medicine Bow and State Forest State Park. I researched the hikes I would take in each spot, the days I wouldn’t do any driving and even the motel in the middle for a shower.

It was too cold to camp. It was even too cold to hike in Medicine Bow, with icy winds permeating all my layers. And when I looked for lodging, envisioning a quaint cabin along a river, everything was booked. Hungry and tired of driving (I was at the end of my third twelve hour day) I called my friend, who luckily is a very good friend I have known since I was fifteen, and told her I would be arriving two days early.

But it was at the moment I couldn’t camp, couldn’t find a cabin, and couldn’t imagine myself in a Fort Collins motel that my resistance to change reared it’s ugly head. Because I could have taken a moment to reassess my situation and felt better about the changes. Instead I started to spiral down, feeling frantic and exhausted and angry. These are all emotions that accompany changing plans.

It worked out, of course. And here I am in Castle Rock, hiking and enjoying my time with my friend.