Where did I put that comma?

I finally finished my fifth book. And then there was the editing. I have used a few different editors and they all have different strengths. One is best at grammar, another at getting into my head and figuring out where I’m going with a sentence. Another is fast. I won’t mention the one that was […]

Fighting Change (or is it really progress?)

In my mad dash to publish Day-of-the-Not-So-Dead on the actual Day-of-the-Dead I am simultaneously making the changes the editor sends, making a custom cover actually fit the book (not so easy as when I edit it changes the number of pages in the manuscript, which in turn changes the size of the cover needed) AND […]

To Write or Not to Write

As I previously mentioned I had decided to take on the new task of writing a non-fiction book. This can be very different from fiction, most important to me being that you can write a book proposal prior to tackling the whole manuscript. Book proposals are not easy critters either, but I wanted to try […]

If only Writers could skip the rest of the process

Four years ago I decided I wanted to write a book. I picked up my laptop and went on a road trip. I wrote the first drafts of TWO novels. I was well on my way. Not. After my initial burst of creative energy I did my homework. I looked into the actual publishing of […]


Yep, it is Friday afternoon. I swam my laps, went to the post office, the gas station, the fruit stand (great cherry pie season), the bank, the grocery store. I got the house ready for a cousin who is coming to visit. Ate lunch, watched an episode of Endeavor on Masterpiece Mystery and made plum […]

The Boulder on my Shoulder

My husband doesn’t understand why I want to do things immediately. Like pay our taxes or our insurance. Yes, admittedly I am over the top, even pre-paying our quarterly taxes ahead of time. He likes the “wait until the last minute” method. The funny thing is I think we were exact opposites of what we […]

The Ease of Brainwashing

It is pretty easy to brainwash someone. Especially without them knowing. (I just re-typed several keywords from my title in the body of my work). I know this because of the way I write my blog post each month. I do it for Google. Google has slowly shaped my behavior. Even more than Facebook, which […]

Keeping Busy with Chapter One

I have projects, lots of projects. Over the years I have set up space (taken all the space, really) all around our vast house to work on my projects. Even though I allow my husband the dining room table as his office, there have been times I ask him to move his paperwork so that […]

“How Writers Write Fiction 2015”: The MOOC

Through a friend of a friend I was directed to a FREE on-line writing class. This one is through the University of Iowa, titled “How Writers Write Fiction 2015“. I signed up and in my introduction kept seeing reference to “MOOC” and had no idea what they were talking about. I googled it. Massive Online […]

And about those violent kids…

Since I retired and since my offspring grew up I don’t have much contact with children. There are times I miss it, but after a long, time consuming career with children, most of the time I don’t even have room in my brain for all the blog posts and articles and photos. “That’s nice,” my […]