Ode to the Locking GasCap

I was driving down the freeway through my town the other day and my eye was unexpectedly drawn to a gas station on the frontage road. I realized it was because my sister was pumping gas! She is easily recognizable with her straw hat, long braid and flowing skirts…but it was that whole subconscious thing […]


I am waxing introspective again today. This is a pastime that can send my mind into a tailspin. The first time this happened I was very young. Some book, teacher, television program (although we didn’t have a TV when I was young, so unlikely)…but somewhere I heard that no two snowflakes are alike. This brought […]

Re-Writing History

Two things happened this week to send me into my “mulling this one over” state. The first was my novel was returned by the Alpha Reader and the second was a Facebook post in one of my writing groups that spurred a lot of discussion. The Facebook post was a link to some famous female […]


I had to look up why free giveaways are called swag, only to realize that I had been calling them slag for some time. The two definitions….well maybe I have been giving away slag. SWAG: Three meanings. Only one means the bookmarks and pens given away as promotional materials. The other means the loot a […]

Story Ideas

I had a fun question during a presentation the other day. “Where do you get your story ideas?” My spontaneous answer–that my mind was so filled it never rested and ideas were raging all the time, except when I was asleep– didn’t begin to cover it. My daughter pointed out after the event that I […]


We are on week four of “The Artist’s Way.” One task is to write morning notes…free form, unedited, unreviewed thoughts every morning. The book suggests positive affirmations each day as well….I am a great artist…yada yada. The affirmations in the book don’t strike home with me, so I have come up with my own. Somehow […]

Seeking Support

I have had an upswing lately, but this followed a dip. Feeling like myself again, I started signing up for classes. I am a perpetual student….I LOVE taking classes of all types. So far–this week only–I have registered for the Sierra Writer’s Conference, two classes at Wellness Within (dance and art) and an ongoing workshop […]

Where did I put that comma?

I finally finished my fifth book. And then there was the editing. I have used a few different editors and they all have different strengths. One is best at grammar, another at getting into my head and figuring out where I’m going with a sentence. Another is fast. I won’t mention the one that was […]

Fighting Change (or is it really progress?)

In my mad dash to publish Day-of-the-Not-So-Dead on the actual Day-of-the-Dead I am simultaneously making the changes the editor sends, making a custom cover actually fit the book (not so easy as when I edit it changes the number of pages in the manuscript, which in turn changes the size of the cover needed) AND […]

To Write or Not to Write

As I previously mentioned I had decided to take on the new task of writing a non-fiction book. This can be very different from fiction, most important to me being that you can write a book proposal prior to tackling the whole manuscript. Book proposals are not easy critters either, but I wanted to try […]