Encouraging the VOTE

I am definitely not a fan of telemarketing calls, spam email or flyers in my mailbox. But being stuck at home, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed…I felt the need to do something to encourage folks to vote. A friend of mine introduced me to VOTE FORWARD, a simple way to participate in urging people to vote. It’s […]

I am Grateful, I really am…

So my daily meditation course directed at improving my life is currently focused on gratitude. One of the exercises was to recall those who helped you out early on in your life. There were several and so I was cheerfully following the instructions of this meditation teacher and imagining their faces. The next instruction was […]

Driven by Apps

Compared to some folks (read, my adult children, that’s how I measure everything) I don’t have many apps on my devices. But I have become dependent on several. In a good way. The first was my Fitness Pal app, which tracks my nutrients and exercise and gives me an estimate of where I need to […]

Silencing Our Story Tellers

I am distressed by a recent trend in the world of writers. There seems to be a group of citizens AND writers who advocate that an author write only about what one knows. I think this originated with the idea that a writer could easily misrepresent and spread one-sided or incorrect information about a culture […]

Ignore this post

This post is a test of my blog sharing capacity. Please ignore.

My favorite writing groups

I started writing seven years ago. At the time I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I joined several writing groups and took lots and lots of workshops and classes, both in person and online. Every one of these groups and classes added to my skill base and provided support and contacts. […]


In the course of my training as an educational psychologist I studied the brain. Primarily development and learning. Later in my career, as I moved on to get my MFT license, I worked with the elderly and pursued education in the area of the aging brain. I really liked learning about the brain so much […]

That IS How I Feel

I’m working through an issue, and lucky you, I’m sharing. There is an group I belong to that meets regularly (once a week, if I go every time.) It is a large group of folks, mostly strangers, who dance and meditate together. I have made friends with some dancers, but for the most part this […]

Score of Ten

So here is another tale about my sister. Maybe it’s because I turned sixty but I keep thinking about how we were raised. My mother showered us with praise. She always told us we were the smartest, prettiest, most likely to succeed in every way. I’m not saying we didn’t get in trouble for misbehaving…and […]

Reading Around the Table

So I’m the first one to think that children on devices isn’t a good thing. As a retired educational psychologist, I feel that there are certain basic needs that children are provided through integration and interaction with other people. Reading, playing, waiting, finding something to do…there have been many articles on the impact of today’s […]