Do I really want the mouse to die?

I was out of town for ten days and when I returned there was blatant evidence that a mouse had moved into my studio…droppings all around the computer, my thread drawer a tangled mess, and a quarter size hole chewed in my priceless wool rug (from Tierra Wools, New Mexico and woven by my cousin, […]

Boxes full of bags

I love my re-useable grocery bags and have used them for years (my mother, Roberta, makes wonderful bags) but the other day as I was taking cardboard to the recycling bins I realized there was a problem. A bit of history for young folks, memories for those my age. First there was the brown paper […]


Warning: This blog contains TMI. So…the other day when I was at my regularly scheduled colonoscopy I had my usual discussion with the technicians about the days when I was in college that were PRE- flexible exam. Reminiscing about the torture like contraption I was strapped into, upside down, no less, and the student nurse […]

Separate Vacations

One of my friends recently traveled to South America. She posted a photo which was ABSOLUTELY the cover for this short story (from the collection Day-of-the-Not-So-Dead and other Morbid Little Holiday Tales) I am posting this story JUST so I can post her photo!   Separate Vacations ❈ There is such a thing as too […]

Placer Land Trust

My “to do” list has had “join Placer Land Trust” on it for over a year. I finally was able to go for one of their featured hikes today. It was just what I needed after a long week of paperwork, numbers, and things going slightly south. Placer Land Trust describes their mission as” We […]

Singing the Technology Blues

Yep. Here I go again. Power outages due to the storms here in Northern California. Last one was okay…I used a flashlight and critiqued an entire memoir for a friend. This one? Nope, not so good. I just got back from an eleven day trip and there are soooo many things I need to catch […]

What is it about the New Year and Resolutions

I’m pretty sure everyone blogs about resolutions or the New Year every time January first comes around again. How can this temptation be resisted? But as I sit at the computer and type I can’t help but ask myself… Why? Why don’t we ever feel the need to summon up new resolve, make new plans, […]

The Fork in the Road or Divine Intervention?

A friend of mine was making a decision and she wanted to discuss it with me. This is a tough place to be–thinking hard about your future and the choices you must make. Most of the important decisions in my life appear to have happened by accident. It started with college. I made the choice […]

An Unrelated Series of Events

  Occasionally a series of seemingly unconnected events come together to have meaning in my life. Event number one: I had two presentations scheduled, a week apart, but both in the Bay Area. I was completing the Iowa Workshop MOOC (and online writing course with a zillion participants) and NaNoWriMo (50,000 words in November) had […]

Nursery Rhymes

I love nursery rhymes long before I was Queen of Children’s Fairlyland. (Yes, I really was, that is a different story, but here’s a photo.) The rhythm of the sing song worked well when hopping on one foot, traveling in the back seat of the car with nosed pressed to window or listening to the […]