Stuck at Fourteen

My close friend, Lorie-Jo, understands what it means to be stuck at a certain age. When I try to explain this to other people, I often get blank looks, eye rolls and I can see the thought bubbles–“She’s wacky, you always knew that.” But in two different novels I was reading lately there was reference […]

The Sign Says Men

The recent events have me pondering the changes in how women think. I grew up in a family where women were told we could do anything and as we had no boys in the family comparisons were never in the picture. My mother often stated she wanted her daughters to be completely self sufficient and […]

Repeating Myself

I post a new blog every Friday. This means I have to think of ideas constantly. I keep a log on my phone and jot down ideas for blogs. Then I go to my computer, pull up the list and write. That’s what I’m doing right now. Reviewing my list. Trouble is, I didn’t track […]

Change of Plans

It has always been difficult for me to change plans. I start each day, each week, even each month with a visual list in my head of how things will go. On my current road trip things have not gone according to plan. I left home a week ago to travel to Colorado to stay […]

A Good Death

So, occasionally I think about death. Not obsessively or in a bad way, but face it, I’m older and some of my friends have died. I am definitely in a different phase of life than I was five years ago. All of sudden material things have very low value. (This is a good thing because […]


The other day I was people watching, something I am prone to do as a writer and as a snoopy human being. I was at the health club, swimming laps, (okay, resting between laps) and I saw a few folks I know. One of them was people watching too. I could tell by the way […]

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves I have been working hard to increase serenity in my life and one of my tasks is to let go of my pet peeves. Maybe writing about them will help me to let them go….or at least to have a minor reaction. Why are they called pet peeves anyway? I love my pets […]

When the Worst Thing Happens

I wrote a blog about childhood warnings and it brought to mind how we spend our lives imagining “the worst thing ever.” Although, there are those things I try very hard not to imagine. Such as anything happening to my children. If I let those fears enter my mind I’m paralyzed and my children would […]

Listening to what your mother says

I bought some gum today. I rarely chew gum anymore. I attended a class on TMJ (jaw clacking, in plain language) and the warning was to never, ever, under any circumstances chew gum. So I don’t. But on this particular day I needed to use a gas station rest room clearly marked for customers only […]

HalfWay to Sixty Events

As some of you know for my sixtieth birthday this year I gave myself a challenge. I have been pretty good for the last five years about eating healthy, exercising and trying to limit my exposure to toxic environmental crud. But I had been gradually slipping, especially in the area of daily exercise. So I […]