March Poetry Club

Once again, I have to say, I LOVE Poetry Club. The discussion always segues from the poems recited or read by members into topics of high interest to all. This month we started off with two poems from Susan. The first was a fun experiment in participation of the poem “Overheard in a Saltmarsh” by […]

February Poetry Club 2019

What a wonderful discussion we had about “prose” vs “poetry”…of course we are a flexible group and all opinions were welcome. I learned about this new (to me) world of sonnets and pentameters and poetry. I think my favorite definition was what Cindy provided…the definition or label is what the poet/writer decided when they wrote. […]

January Poetry Club

Hurray to Tece who actually memorized her poem. I’m afraid the rest of us were overwhelmed by the holidays and read ours. But that didn’t make for any less of a good time and great discussions by all. Tece recited Sunrise at River Pines by Elvira Zetterlund. This was extra special because Zetterlund was the […]

Poetry Club December 2018

Poetry video I filmed this a few times, mainly because I wanted it to be perfect. I was so grateful to Susan Browne for letting me use her poem on my blog. Then I realized that the purpose of Poetry Club is not perfection and what I really wanted to share was how we actually […]

November Poetry Club

Welcome to the first meeting of The Poetry Club. Ten women, eager to keep their brains active, meeting monthly to recite and discuss poems. And to share those poems with you. However, I am still trying to figure out copyright law. I know that I can’t reproduce the poems here for you to read, but […]