Poetry Club October 2020

  Tece started us off with “On the Fifth Day” by Jane Hirshfield. We were all somewhat speechless after she read the poem….very deep. For some of us it was somewhat religious…modeling after Genesis. It was apropos for the times, and written in March of 2020. Basic themes of silencing the scientists, but of how […]

Poetry Club September 2020

Another fine meeting via ZOOM…..what would we do without the internet? Cindy started us off with another venture into a different form of poetry…the limerick. She taught us a bit about the history and the way one writes a limerick, then challenged us all to write one! She felt it is a good way to […]

Poetry Club August 2020

Another ZOOM meeting, we are really getting the hang of it! Today was one of those interesting days when there came to be an underlying theme: the universe of gardens and how those we know (or don’t know) impact our lives. Tece read a Jane Hirshfield poem from the book “Ledger”….the poem was titled “Today, […]

Poetry Club July 2020

Who would have guessed that our lives would be stuck in this holding pattern? I think back to our last “in person” meeting, and how we planned to go to Berkeley on the train for a field trip to the walk of poetry. I have to maintain my hope that it will happen one day. […]

Poetry Club June 2020

We met via ZOOM, which has been a great source of human contact in these continued days of isolation! Kathy started us off with three poems. She wanted to share fun poems, in an effort to provide some relief from all the news of a troubled world. The first was “Ars Poetica” by Archibald MacLeish, […]

Poetry Club May 2020

Our second Zoom meeting was complete with a second set of technical difficulties….different from the first, but of course. Still, I do love seeing all my friends faces once more. Cindy started us off with ”The Student” by Dorianne Laux. Cindy wanted to find a Pulitzer Prize winner, but she wasn’t overly impressed with this […]

“Poetry is an egg with a horse inside” April 2020 Virtual Poetry Club

We wouldn’t let a little thing like “Shelter in Place” stop us from meeting! New to most of us, our first attempt at a “ZOOM” meeting was a success. We started off with a wonderful quote which is the definition of poetry (by an 8 year old girl): “Poetry is an egg with a horse […]

Sans Forgeticus: Poetry Club March 2020

I should mention that we DID choose a name for our group: Sans Forgeticus. Think visions of the poetry salons of past times, as well as our underlying belief that memorizing poems will help our aging brains. Today’s trend was “free association poems.” New member Barbara started us off on this track with “The Currency […]

Poetry Club February 2020

A small group met today, with four poems were shared. Leslie read the famous “Ode on a Grecian Urn” by John Keats, a long poem that has been greatly analyzed. While we had all heard of Keats, Leslie shared some history that we didn’t know! Like how much trauma he suffered in his early life […]

Poetry Club January 2020

We rang in the new year with an odd combination of poems: themes of New Year advice and hope were contrasted with death. Happily Cindy started us off with a laugh, as well as chills and smiles, as she read “Litany” by Billy Collins. She had initially been looking for poems with a healing message, […]