Interview with Lawrence W. Gold

Lawrence (Larry to me!) is a prolific writer of novels, non-ficiton and screen plays. I had the joy of being in a critique group with him. Visit Lawrence W. Gold at Website: Blog: (Nice promo site) Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a retired physician and long-distance sailor. I’ve published 9 in fiction (including […]

Interview with Shawn Hansen

This week we meet Shawn Hansen. Shawn has a broad base of wisdom to share, which includes writing and marketing. Be sure to visit her sites – lots to learn. Tell us about yourself:  I’ve been earning money writing since 2006 – I (happily) left my college English professorship to write and market full time. […]

Suzanne Blaney Art and More

This weeks writer is also an artist! A wonderful combination of creativity. Suzanne Blaney started her career as a pastel artist, wrote art books and then added two novels! She is working on another art book, even as we speak. Tells us how you started. Art became my first career after beginning private lessons in […]

Interview with Susan Rushton

Challenging and eclectic, honest, philosophical and enthusiastic, Susan Rushton’s And Another Thing opinion columns promote clear thought, clear vision and a light spirit. Her straightforward writing provokes and questions, taking pleasure in the small stuff while respecting people’s hearts and minds. You won’t always agree with her. But she doesn’t always agree with you, either. […]

Interview with RL Cherry

RL Cherry is the author of Foul Shot, Christmas Cracker and an avid collector. Visit his website at to find out about classic cars and follow along on his blog of many topics.   Tell us a little bit about yourself: As a native Californian, I spent most of my life here, where I […]

Evette Davis and Woman King

I have been introduced to so many wonderful writers when I am out on the road or when I am frantically reading in between my writing adventures. I decided I would like to share their stories with you, so I have added a new feature to my blog – Tuesday interviews. Each Tuesday I will […]