Interview with Author Suzanne Vince

I met Suzanne Whitfield Vince at the Solano Book Festival – I love to “swap” books with other authors and get to know them. Suzanne works full time and is amazing in her prolific writing, squeezed in between her busy life. Now you can learn about her and check out her wonderful books. Tell us […]

Interview with Laurie Hoirup

I recently manned a vendor table at the Solano Bookfest. I was lucky to be seated next to Laurie Hoirup and throughout the day we spent time chatting (and solving all the problems of the world!) Laurie is 59 years old, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA 2) and has lived with a significant physical […]

Interview with artist Sandra Bruce

I met Sandra Bruce many years ago when we both had an desire to learn to dye fabric. The subsequent group – Friends to Dye For – met for years and our scope swept well beyond fiber arts (although that is still a focus for all of us). Sandra is a gifted illustrator, quilter and artist, […]

Interview with Susan Freire-Korn

I read Susan’s book, Soul Sisters, which made me understand where her amazing organization skills came from! Tell us about yourself. I am a retired Kaiser Permanente medical program senior consultant for administration.I am also a professional keynote speaker, educational instructor, and facilitator who has inspired many to change their lives for the better. I has […]

Interview with Alton Pryor

I met Alton at Gold Country Writers, where he advised me on some formatting issues I was having. This guy has the energy of three writers. He is always out at some event selling the many books he has written. His story is fascinating. Tell us about yourself. I have published over fifty books -many […]

Interview with Gayle Brandeis

Gayle Brandeis is the author of Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write, the novels The Book of Dead Birds, which won Barbara Kingsolver’s Bellwether Prize, Self Storage, and Delta Girls, and her first novel for young people, My Life with the Lincolns. Gayle teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Antioch […]

Interview with June Gillam

I met June at Gold Country Writers, a Northern California writing group which meets in Auburn, CA. When I made the offer to “swap books” with other indie published authors, June and I swapped. Wow. This calm woman writes some thrilling stuff. But she is very busy in other ways as well. Tell us about […]

Interview with Jennifer duBois

I met Jennifer duBois because she is an amazing author and teacher. It all started when I was picking up my “held” books from the library. They have wisely placed the New Books shelf next to the front desk. “A Partial History of Lost Causes” caught my eye because of the interesting title. I loved […]

SMILE while you read my interview with Ruth Kaiser

It was just one of those accidental meetings which I am sure was guided by a divine energy bigger than us all. I went to Lafayette last weekend to help my mother with her booth at a craft fair and in the space next us was Ruth Kaiser. After I shuffled around being grouchy while […]

Interview with author Debra Mares

I met Debra a few years back when we were both enrolled in the UCLA Extension Writers Workshop. I have enjoyed watching her progress, and I admit it, love the fact that the two of us have actually PUBLISHED following the great training. I am actually searching out other members of the class to see […]