Regret is a bitter poison.

I hope that many of you have read Apricots and Wolfbane by K.M. Pohlkamp. I was lucky enough to meet this author AND become friends. As our friendship grew so did opportunities to be part of her writing process. Her new novel, Shadows of Hemlock, is soon to be released, but today is that special […]

Interview with Ann Claycomb

Yes, I gripe about Facebook, but this is the second amazing author I have been introduced to via a writer’s group. The Mermaid’s Daughter is one of those books that grabbed me instantly simply because it has a fresh story to tell. Ann Claycomb  takes something very dear to me—the tales of Hans Christian Anderson—and […]

Author Interview: KM Pohklamp

Yes, Virginia, great things do happen on Facebook. That is where I met KM Pohklamp and I am so glad I did. I also had the chance to add her to my list of authors I wanted to interview after reading an advanced copy of Apricots and Wolfsbane. K.M. Pohlkamp is a blessed wife, proud […]

Interview with R.M. Wilburn

Facebook can be marvelous for meeting new folks. I have joined a few writers group and I was thrilled when I read about RM Wilburn’s unique work. A combination of collage and story…right up my alley. I’m happy to introduce the rest of you to this novel novelist. (Okay, that was even too much for […]

Interview with Mark Wiederanders

I met Mark at the Sierra Writers conference and loved his book! I have a special place in my heart for Robert Louis Stevenson because “I have a little shadow….” was the first poem I ever memorized…first grade. I still can recite it to this day.  Mark Wiederanders’ first novel, Stevenson’s Treasure, was a finalist in […]

Interview with Dimitri Keriotis

I had the great luck to take a workshop from Dimitri Keriotis AND to read his delightful book of short stories. Dimitri Keriotis’s debut collection of short stories, The Quiet Time, was released by SFA Press. His stories have appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Georgetown Review, Evening Street Review, Flyway,BorderSenses, and elsewhere. Raised in Northern California, he was educated at […]

Interview with Jordan Fisher Smith

I read Smith’s book, Nature Noir, in 2013 when it was the featured book for Placer County, California’s “everybody reads” program, “One Book, One Community. I really loved the book (and the event), so when I ran into Jordan at a recent writer’s workshop I couldn’t resist trying out his new book, Engineering Eden. I wasn’t […]

Interview with Mary Volmer

I met Mary last year when I attended “Bridging: A One Day Writing Retreat with Keynote Speaker Cherrie Moraga”, which was Mary’s brainchild. Working with Hedgebrook she put on a wonderful full day of positive writing experiences for many women.  Meeting Mary was instant friendship! She is full of energy and motivation and I love […]

Missing Laurie

I keep re-writing this. There are so many emotions swirling through my mind, and I am writing about a topic that is impossible to think of without crying. Someone died. I can’t say she was a long time friend, I can’t say we were particularly close. What I want to say is that she was […]

Interview with Songwriter Drew James

I am always on the lookout for musicians I meet in person. I like to support them by buying a CD, I like to have new music to listen to and I need musicians willing to let me use their work on my book trailers and videos. I have met many wonderful people this way. […]