Book Club Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

Thirteen dogsThis book sounds amazing. A group of dogs given the gift of language and human conciousness? Hermes and Apollo have made a bet and watch over these strange canines. André Alexis makes a statement about being human. Read on to see what we all thought of the book.

I have decided to do something different for my book club comments. It is stilted and interrupts the flow of the clubs conversations when I force folks to give a comment slow enough for me to type! Plus, it takes away from my input when I am so focused on logging comments. So from now on I am just going to enjoy the club and write a synopsis of what folks said, with out attributing things to specific folks.

The star ratings were between 3.0 and 4.0. Everyone agreed we liked the book, no one loved it. We would recommend it to others.

If was felt by some that the author had some “gems” to pass along about human nature and that the story was written as an opportunity to pass along these ideas. A fable, of sorts. Or an apologue, a word, I must confess I had to look up. It fits. The definition is a moral fable with animals as characters. The book was a slow start for some, but everyone who was at book club had finished the book (this doesn’t always happen!)

Those who have dogs or have had dogs liked the fact that the author was true to the nature of dogs. Those who don’t have dogs asked the others “do dogs really do that?” A resounding YES. There was discussion about the nature of dogs learning/creating language. There was discussion about what different scenes was in relation to – for example the pack pecking order, the dominance of “mounting”, and the violence among the dogs. Religion, politics, love – all the things one would expect in a moral commentary.

This book is a recommend.


  1. http://Marlene%20Koons says

    Thanks for sharing the book club thoughts. I have to admit that I did like the individual comments as each person has their own take on a book. But I can relate to how disturbing it is for you to try to write during the discussions. Too bad that they won’t each write their own review for you to just cut and paste.

    But I am glad to see the review even in the new format.


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