Book Club – News of the World by Paulette Jiles

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is a character you will not soon forget…in 1870 as a retired soldier he travels from small town to small town reading the news to the citizens of remote west Texas. Add the task of taking ten year old Johanna, a German child kidnapped by the Kiowa tribe who has just been returned (long explanation, I won’t go into it)…..anyway, this is their story.

All of us liked this book. I was captivated and Jiles is a wonderful story teller. I couldn’t help but tell my husband about the story and he said “They should make a move. Tom Hanks.” So I looked it up and guess what? Tom Hanks will direct a movie! (Don’t know if he will act in it?)

Trying to explain why I liked this story is tricky….there isn’t a huge amount to the plot, but the characters are fantastic. You get to be in the minds of these very different individuals as their relationships build. I don’t want to give you any spoilers….so…let’s just say this is a very worthy read.

I noticed on Amazon that the folks who gave it lower reviews were thrown by the lack of quotation marks. This is an accepted style in fiction, and although I am usually the first to complain about it, I didn’t even notice it here! Her writing was clear enough that is wasn’t a problem.

Somehow we lost track when discussing the book and didn’t give it star ratings…oh well….let’s just say it is a very worthy read.


(Sorry no photo! I read it on my kindle, so I couldn’t snap a random photo today)