backside Capitol ReefYep, it is Friday afternoon. I swam my laps, went to the post office, the gas station, the fruit stand (great cherry pie season), the bank, the grocery store. I got the house ready for a cousin who is coming to visit. Ate lunch, watched an episode of Endeavor on Masterpiece Mystery and made plum jam. Took a little nap. Paid bills and transferred money to the student loan payment accounts.

Realized I never blogged this week.


After all these years of thinking of things to write every Friday (well, usually Thursday) I thought I had it down. A system. I often write a month’s worth of blogs ahead of time, particularly when I’m going on a road trip or other adventure. Marlene is my loyal contributor with her book reviews. Book club has been gracious enough to let me steal their comments and post them. Short stories were fun until I learned that magazines consider them “published” if you post them on your blog and I was limiting my own market. I have mumbled and droned on regarding political and social events that push my buttons. I have even just posted some pretty pictures when I can’t think of anything to say.

I wrote some blogs lately….in my head while swimming laps. I just never got them down on paper. And right now? I’m tired. Over my quota of activities for the day. My brain is on hold, no ability to quickly draw on those stored away ideas.

So today we go blogless. (You can’t believe how much spell check wants me to go bloodless)

Have a great holiday.


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