Becoming Part of the Solution

With all the news and ideas and suggestions flying back and forth on social media and television I am careful what I read, listen to, believe. I am so saddened by yet another school shooting, pleased that people seem to be waking up and actively working to change things. I am processing everything in a state of shock, and thus careful about what conclusions I draw in my mind.

I did share one post about a teacher who took a step to make a difference for her students by employing a strategy that identified those students who were at risk.( )

There were some thoughtful comments after I shared this story, but one of them had me thinking for a few days. My friend had valid comments about the time needed to employ such a strategy, and having spent my working career in the classroom, I agreed with her thoughts.

Until I thought about it some more.

The time for excuses is long gone. Yes, teachers are overworked, yes, people have busy lives, yes, I’m not sure which organizations won’t cheat me, sell my contact information, are really foreign trolls……but…..

If we all do ONE small thing, and some of us take a bigger step and some of us do two or three small things and yet a few others do a big thing…..then things might change.

If we all reach out and touch one troubled soul, if we all write one letter to our congressmen, if we all go on one march, support one group, take time away from our social media, television, housekeeping, just for one moment…then there will be change.

Sandra Bruce helped me design this logo many years ago…following another call for people to step up. It still holds true. It’s still what it takes to make this world we live in a loving place for every person.