2020 Birthday Challenge

I have been flip-flopping on my 2020 birthday challenge. As I get older the numbers increase and the thought of doing something 62 times has become for difficult. I thought about splitting it into two categories this year: to dance thirty-one different places (5Rhythms or other) and the second half thirty-one acts of kindness, above and beyond the simple, everyday things (like holding a door open).

But then I was in the process of prepping for the dreaded colonoscopy and the trauma of my father’s death from bowel cancer was keeping me awake and tormenting me. (All was well, I’m cleared!) And suddenly it was clear.

My birthday challenge for 2020 is to do SIXTY-TWO things that bring me happiness and laughter. Simple enough at first glance, but in reality how easy is it to slip into the daily grind and forget about those enjoyable interactions with friends, new adventures, or just curling up on a cold day with a good book and realizing that the “to do” list can wait until tomorrow.

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The blurry photo is my surprise party this year in India! I arrived at the gracious home of Amit Jain, the groom in the wedding I attended. Although we had just met and his family spoke limited English, they were very excited to throw me a birthday party! It was fantastic.