IMG_2023Welcome to my home page! You can scroll down for a video guide or read about what you will find here.

I am a writer livingin Northern California, but my heart is in the Southwest. Many of my stories are based in New Mexico. My father’s family is from the small town of Tierra Amarilla in Northern Mexico, and I have been back to visit many times. There is a magic in the place so strong that my characters often seem to channel their stories rather than letting me write them alone.

What you will find on my web site:

Friday Blogs – Each Friday I will blog on a different topic.  First Friday is “You be the editor”–a new story or a scene from a story for which I need your feedback! Please post your comments and critiques. Second Friday is Book Review. I will have guest reviews, with my regular reviews provided by Marlene K., an avid reader with a great sense of humor. Third Friday I will post something about my research or writing, including interviews of my favorite authors. Fourth Friday will be Book Club during Fall and Winter, Author interviews during Spring and Summer. I will post the books ahead of time, so that you will have a chance to read and add your two cents worth. On those lucky months with a Fifth Friday there will be a surprise.

Special offers for book clubs and service groups.

Calendar of upcoming events.