The Boulder on my Shoulder

My husband doesn’t understand why I want to do things immediately. Like pay our taxes or our insurance. Yes, admittedly I am over the top, even pre-paying our quarterly taxes ahead of time. He likes the “wait until the last minute” method.

The funny thing is I think we were exact opposites of what we are now when we first got married. I was penniless, literally rushing to the bank on my way home from work—I worked at an all night veterinary clinic so this was at 1:00am—to deposit my paycheck with less than a dollar in my pocket. I waited until the last minute for everything.

Somewhere along the line we traded obsessions.

Here’s the thing. When the tax packet or the insurance bill or some sort of Continuing Education requirement is sitting on my desk it is as if I am carrying a giant boulder around with me. The weight of the responsibility drains my energy and keeps me from being carefree (wouldn’t that be nice?). When I put don’t take care of obligations the boulder gets heavier and heavier until one day I just shuck it off. Let it roll down the cliff and fall into the river. I continue to hike the trail of my life without the burden.

What’s wrong with that? you ask.

Umm….I forget about my responsibility all together. It is not until the “past due” or “you are in danger of cancellation” notice arrives that the boulder suddenly slams down on the top of my head. Amidst expletives and fury I now have to take care of something with ten times the hassle, starting with pawing through files and paperwork to see if I truly didn’t pay it.

Much easier to just do it when it arrives. In my book anyway.

You can argue about interest on money but who gets much of that anymore? And the late fees are always more than any interest.

Nope, I’ll stick to carrying the weightless feathers of completion around on my back. Or is that in my cap?


  1. Marlene Koons says:

    Delightful story! And it poses some interesting questions on how each of us deals with responsibilities. But I like your analogy and I agree with you. Boulders are easier to handle when they sit idly by along the roadway and feathers are not only easier to carry but prettier! Thanks for sharing!

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