The Boulder on my Shoulder

My husband doesn’t understand why I want to do things immediately. Like pay our taxes or our insurance. Yes, admittedly I am over the top, even pre-paying our quarterly taxes ahead of time. He likes the “wait until the last minute” method. The funny thing is I think we were exact opposites of what we […]

The Ease of Brainwashing

It is pretty easy to brainwash someone. Especially without them knowing. (I just re-typed several keywords from my title in the body of my work). I know this because of the way I write my blog post each month. I do it for Google. Google has slowly shaped my behavior. Even more than Facebook, which […]

Keeping Busy with Chapter One

I have projects, lots of projects. Over the years I have set up space (taken all the space, really) all around our vast house to work on my projects. Even though I allow my husband the dining room table as his office, there have been times I ask him to move his paperwork so that […]

“How Writers Write Fiction 2015”: The MOOC

Through a friend of a friend I was directed to a FREE on-line writing class. This one is through the University of Iowa, titled “How Writers Write Fiction 2015“. I signed up and in my introduction kept seeing reference to “MOOC” and had no idea what they were talking about. I googled it. Massive Online […]

And about those violent kids…

Since I retired and since my offspring grew up I don’t have much contact with children. There are times I miss it, but after a long, time consuming career with children, most of the time I don’t even have room in my brain for all the blog posts and articles and photos. “That’s nice,” my […]


Boundaries, personal space, ownership, territory—the list of those issues which impact our nature change from culture to culture. I grew up with two sisters, the three of us sharing a room. Just the other day a friend mentioned “the line” which I remembered not only from our bedroom, but from anywhere we happened to be—the […]

Coming Around Again

It wasn’t until I went to type this post that I realized here we are again: September 11. For so many the horror of that time seems like yesterday, rather than so many years ago. It made me stop to think. How did that event change your life? The deepest change for me was in […]

Cleaning Closets

There are a lot of fires in California. In fact, from up here in Washington, where I am currently visiting a friend, it looks like all of California is on fire. Before I left on this road trip my neck of the woods already had one fire. Not close enough to my house to worry, […]

Road Trips

So just when my wanderlust cells were sending fidgeting signals to my feet a good friend had an unexpected medical problem. (Is this going to be the story from now on? My acquaintances and ME slowly falling apart? Yikes!) Anyway, one of the lovely things about retirement is that I can easily move things around […]

Work Space

Yes, I am talking about the actual physical space where you write. But I am also talking about the space in the writer’s head. People have asked me “Where do you get all your ideas?” They ask about writer’s block. The truth is, I have WAY too many ideas. My mind is a swirl of […]