Robin’s January Book Reviews

The Near Enough by Michael C. Keith. I bought this book at a writing group meeting when the owner of a small publishing company spoke. Frankly, I didn’t like what he had to say. He was kind of pompous. But that should not reflect on the author of the book he chose to publish. These […]

Marlene’s January Book Reviews

Two books for the American history buffs: The Signers of the Constitution by Robert G. Ferris, James H. Charleton: a short glimpse at the make-up of the 39 personalities that signed the final document of our constitution.  Given the background, loyalties and attitudes, it is indeed a miracle that the document got written let alone signed. Now read Dark Bargain: Slavery, […]

Robin’s December Book Reviews

The Entre Río Trilogy by Perla Suez, translated by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan. I bought this book a while back, somewhere in New Mexico, shrink wrapped so I couldn’t randomly open it and read a bit before a handed over my cash. This is an unusual book. The writing style, which I assume is not due […]

Marlene’s December Book Reviews

Audio The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell.  Since I have loved his Kurt Wallendar series I was looking forward to this stand alone novel.  It started off with great tension and superb description but I missed the investigative savvy of Wallender in solving the crime. But Mankell knows how to keep his readers glued to […]

Marlene’s November Book Reviews

BOOKS Catching Heaven by Sands Hall.  Intense story of two sisters with their questions about life and how unfair it has been to them.  Oh my, I found myself losing interest as they continued to shoot themselves in the foot.  It’s not fate that lands them in their predicaments but their dumb behavior. Sorry, these women […]

Robin’s October Book Reviews

Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri.  I am happy this is a series because it was one of those relaxing nail biters. Yep, that is how I felt. There is all the tension and foreshadow and wrong turns that a detective story deserves, but it is well written and flows and has great characters. […]

Marlene’s October Book Reviews

Brenner and God by Wolf Haas.  This author came as a recommendation from a pen pal.  Thanks for the introduction!  It is a very clever mystery and a unique way of telling it.  It is a little gruesome with the mounting body count revelations but a charming detective and a humorous viewpoint of the narrator will […]

Robin’s September Book Reviews

In the Not Quite Dark: Stories by Dana Johnson Straight to the heart, these stories describe the “normalcy” of real life, the strange feelings about who we are, who we become, where we live. Of course there is nothing normal about any of it. Johnson has great Voice and took me into a world that […]

Robin’s August Book Reviews

The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka. Otsuka was the community book author this year for her book, When the Empire was Divine, so I decided to read this book as well. I like the clever way it is written, first person plural, with many lists. I imagine it must have been quite a […]

Marlene’s August Book Reviews

Audio Books My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira, read well by Kimberly Farr.  Here is a gripping story of a woman who is a midwife with aspirations to become a surgeon which is a more poignant story as it takes place within the period of the American Civil War.  When 2/3 of the casualties […]